computer problem

I’m using windows vista. I’m trying to take off one of the programs that was installed on the computer when I got it. Anyway the licence expired and I am now trying to delete the program but cannot because I am not allowed to because I’m not certified. Is there anyway around this?

What program,

I know it sounds simple… but just in case… have you tried Add and Remove Programs?


I know where it used to be but i cant find it anymore. ive tried to delete it by right clicking, that’s when it says I am not certified or something like that.

“Add/Remove Programs” now has a new name, starting with a letter about the middle of alphabet…

Hmm, looks like “Programs and Features” is the item you want… Also make sure that are really the Administrator.

Thanks to both of you. My menu view was changed so the uninstall button wasn’t there.

Now that I took it off, is there anyway that I could get it back on because i think there was a better solution to this problem.

what you want the program reinstalled?

BTW if you’re using vista and you can’t find a program click on the start menu and then type in the program or keywords and you’ll find it


I did try the search many times. I have probally spent over an hour trying to fix this.

This whole problem started with our internet security provider avast. A window kept comming up about a primary response to SafeConnect. I’m not sure if this came with avast or if it was just something that came installed on our computer. The windows started comming up one to two monts after we got our computer. If anyone else is using avast, did you get this window?

I still need help with this. After I uninstalled it YouTube and Ebay didn’t work and some other websites wouldn’t come up. I did a system recovery to the day I uninstalled it. Now my internet works, but the primary response window comes up again.

Once again, has anibody used avast internet security and have a primary response window come up? Is there any way to check if this is part of the avast security program?

What program did you exactly uninstall??

Was it a free downloadable one??? Try seaching for FREEWARE???

Its back on my computer, I’m trying to disable it so it remains on my computer, but I don’t have to deal with the constant barrage of windows.

I didn’t downliad it, but I’m not sure if it came preinstalled my computer or if it is part of avast security, which I bought.