Computer says v5 brain is not connected in VEX Blocks

Our program in VEX Blocks will not download to the brain because it claims the brain is not connected. We have tried updating drivers, changing ports, changing cords, all to no avail. Any suggestions?

What about the Usb port that you are connecting to on the computer, try using different USB ports.

Make sure that no other tools are open that may be occupying the connection the V5 Brain (i.e. VEXcode Text, VEXos Utility, etc.) - that may be preventing Blocks from making a connection.


we did try different ports

we are having the same problem! I have uninstalled, reinstalled, switched computers, and still no luck.

We figured out that there is some damage in the plugin on the brain–it has gotten slightly bent. If we are careful how we plug in and make sure it is firmly inserted, the brain connects. Do not let your students use their phone cords–use the usb that is provided, I think that is how our damage happened.