Anyone looking for a laptop to program with Lenovo cannot support any VEX programming languages

what do you mean by this? I program off a Lenovo ThinkPad you must be having another issue.

Is it a Lenovo Chromebook? That won’t support robotC or VCS…yet.

The web based robot mesh studio should run on any computer connected to the internet and can program vex cortex, v5 and even iq.

Same I also use lenovo laptop.

I bet its a driver thing. The manufacturer of the laptop has nothing to do with if it can work with VEX programming. For the record, I have used a Lenovo and Dell laptop to code with no problems.

I did have some weird experiences last year where only one out of the three USB ports on my laptop would communicate with the cortex, though. I remember having to do something in the serial device control panel to get it to work.

I wonder why VEX is unable to make programming the Cortexes as easy as like an NXT or EV3, which FLL uses. I’ve helped coach an elementary school robotics team for two years, and I have never seen any issues with connecting the robot to the computer and downloading students’ programs, even without admin access to the computers used by the school.

I use a lenovo thinkpad x230 and it works beautifully.

I’ve had my computer not even a year and every time I try any programming language it crashes, Lenovo support informed us that my laptop crashing was because of robotmesh, easyc, robotc, vexis updater, VCS and any other program I try to run

You probably have an issue with your operating system. Consider reinstalling your OS.

that is definitely an issue with your individual computer, not lenovo computers in general. like @Barin suggested, try reinstalling your OS

I code on an expensive Alienware laptop. Most likely outside the budget of a typical student but it works well and never crashes. I also have high output USBs for a VERY fast download time. Our school uses Hp omens and they work great. I would recommend a touch screen if you can if you don’t want to use a mouse because scrolling through hundreds of lines of code can get tedious.

Ya this is nonsense.

I use a Lenovo y50 and it never crashes.

custom built mini desktop and i just have a 10 inch monitor to use,

A surface pro 4 works great for us

Yes, just about any computer that can run a modern operating system will work. There is no point in everyone simply posting “xyz modern computer works fine.”

I use Lenovo too, and I have not any problem with it.

Lenovo Flex 4, works just fine.

I repeat:

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