Concerns About Using the V5 Brain as a Timer

I’m a bit concerned about the V5 touchscreen being used to record the stop time for Skills.

The V5 brain touchscreen isn’t exactly the most relaible, and it often takes me a few taps before my screen responds.

Could I recommend using something like a bump switch instead of the touch screen to stop the timer? I’m worried about relying on the touchscreen.


Same here the V5 touch screen is not the best, why didn’t they just use a bumper switch?


Yah I agree they do suck. Ever time I use the screen it takes a few taps for it to work.


Also, if you connect the controller to the timer brain before the program starts, won’t it just pair with the controller, disconnecting the actual robot’s brain?


They also said in the manual
Or Tm Mobile app, so not exclusive to V5 brains


In addition, I would not be at all surprised if we start getting reports of Controller smart ports burning out from ESD.

Would it not be better to just put something on the controller skills program such that when you hit the power button once it pauses the program and displays the time?


The V5 Brains screen does not use the same (expensive) touch technology as a phone. Phones use capacitive touch and only require slight contact to register a touch, sensing the change in capacitance caused by your finger. The V5 screen uses a resistive touch technology which requires more pressure to make two internal layers make an electrical connection. The are both approximately the same responsiveness. The V5 brain just requires a more firm press as apposed to a light touch.


And because it requires much more force, a much larger portion of your finger ends up in contact with the display making touch inputs less accurate. When trying to press a resistive touch screen like this, especially when you’re trying to do it quickly, it’s very easy to accidentally roll your finger off where you intended to press. As has been suggested, adding support for a limit or bumper switched plugged into one of the ADI ports to trigger the start / stop button would be greatly appreciated.


@jpearman will we have access to the actual code for the program that is downloaded to the brain for stop time? Or will there be some app that we need to download?

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This is the very reason why using the V5 touchscreen as the primary input for stopping the timer is not ideal. Most people have the muscle memory of lightly tapping a capacitive touch screen. In the moment, someone might not apply enough pressure and then frantically try to stop the timer again. My personal experience with multiple V5 brains is that even when applying more pressure, the screen does not respond and I have to press again.

Adding an option for a sensor input of a bump switch or limit switch to start and stop the timer is a simple solution that would eliminate this problem.


I’m not sure what the plan is for releasing the program, I’m not expecting source code to be released. It will probably be some type of special program installer.
I’m sure we can add alternative ways of stopping the timer.


Adding something integrated to the controller would probably be best imo for high level skills runs. Things can come down to seconds and nobody wants their time to be relying on some staff member’s reaction time or a brain touchscreen. Having it on power button like Taran said would make it much better, it would be a lot like those rubiks cube speedruns where they slam their hand on the table. It would be much better for high stress situations. You won’t have to think about counting down for staff member or a teammate, you just press when you’re done with the run.


I think it is great that V5 joysticks no longer have accelerometers.

So no one gets an idea to signal the end of their record smashing driver run by…



I have one. They’re for both cubing and stacking.

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Aw darn! I really wanted that source code :wink:

Nice! Sweet! Epic!

We will release this app in plenty of time so everyone will get a chance to practice with it. If there is an issue with the responsiveness of the “End Early” button on the touch screen, then we will most definitely come up with ways to make it better. But let’s get it in your hands first and see what you think.


I think I’ll just use the regular field control still. I use the tm mobile app so it can be controlled that way. We will still have a few cortexes in our area and this all just sounds like work.

Also, if the field didn’t cut off but the driver does stop the referee could just correct the time before inputting it in. Logistically, I don’t think this will be a problem. There’s no connection between what the field control days and what goes into the tablet.


how difficult would it be to change the code of the controller so that if you press the power button during a skills match, it pauses the run? just an idea for a better alternative to a brain

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I’m already coding something that would do that

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