Concerns with the use of anti static spray

At vex worlds there was the use of anti-static spray, it was said that %between%
was used. The source of that was from here However, upon inspection of that spray it says on the back
Due to these warning of the possibility of the leading to cancer or other side effects. Furthermore multiple places on the bottle it says to use goggles, masks, and gloves when touching applied spray. How is it deemed safe for use in vex?

I honestly have no idea. It had to pass some sort of inspection. It could be because someone did something silly and hurt themselves with it or it could be the possibility they don’t want a law suit on their hands.

I mean anything could cause cancer in the state of California
Starbucks coffee cups…

Only 974 things (some are not specifically cancer, and some have been removed, so less than), as of December. It is an… interesting list.
Prop65.pdf (999 KB)

In California? If it was feasible to mark sidewalks and lawns, there would be nowhere to run away from Prop.65 warnings. Even our school has a label!