Concord Grab, Go and Skills 2017

Just got home from the First Annual Concord Grab, Go and Skills. It’s a Skills tournament that also supports some team play. Ready to play, grab your robot and queue up, you can play next. Good day with 12 teams coming to play.

High point of the day was watching the Haverford 169A team do skills; an amazing 66 points in drivers, 50 points of programming. That puts 169A tied for second in skills for the world.

The best part for me is it’s a clawbot (all hail the clawbot). Well not the VEX claw, but a claw just the same. Well not just the standard claw bot, but a really amazing drive train with a pretty unique arm and a claw that Megatron would be proud of. Couple that with superior driver skills, and you get these scores.

It was a great day, lots of fun, a ton of pizza and robots.

Thanks for all that came and played. And congrats to 169A for your amazing scores!!

Not trying to take anything away from 169A, but i always thought that the minimum number of teams required to make an event official is 16?

We are about to start our skills season pretty soon, so it would be nice to know to firm up some rules :slight_smile:

I think that you are correct, but I may remember there being certain rules that don’t need to apply if you are only running skills. Not quite sure though so please don’t take my word for it.


We had an event just before Christmas that shook a lot of teams on how they did. Most disassembled robots down to the base and started over. And we all know it’s build, compete, iterate, build, compete, iterate, … win at Worlds.

We had a new team that started the second week in December with their VEX adventure. (Yay Redding Middle School!) We had 16 teams signed up for the event, I only posted the skills scores of teams that decided to try for them, that’s all that RECF cared about. (Since nobody cares about the other adhoc matches that we played).

@meng --Thanks for the comment, happy to have others come next year to our Skills with Grab and Go play next year. We’ll do three in Wilmington DE along with one big event next year. Send me a PM if you want to come play
I know it’s hard for you to travel, you pay the air fare for two teams from Singapore, I’ll find beds for you here. :slight_smile:

cool… now everything made sense now.

@Foster thanks is for the invite. It is definitely very tempting. I will make it a point to discuss this with my students to see how feasible is it for us to go over :slight_smile:

I thought for skills only it was 15 teams, but I may be wrong. I think that may be a question for Karthik.