Concurrent Open Source Project (Better vex via)

Hi all! I have recently started a new Open Source project called Concurrent. It’s a vex tournament schedule viewer at the moment.

You can contribute to this project to add cool new features, or fix bugs! I hope this interests the programming community. I am trying to make a “better vex via” by adding more features with the Open Source community over time. Let me know if you’re interested in helping out! :smiley:


Sweet! Just a few questions:

  1. What will make this different from VEX via?
  2. Will there be precise score counts? (e. g. 2 rows, 8 balls etc.)
  3. Will there be IQ implementation?

This sounds like a great project and a potential super-app if these things are going to be in it.


I’m not involved but I can give you 99% probably the correct answers:

  1. probably just better ui and maybe better stats (maybe)
  2. If the robotevents api provides it
  3. no

Wait actually, this uses vexdb data instead of the new robotevents api

So uh i doubt it for #2

(sidenote to winston, you should probably migrate to the new robotevents api when it’s available for use. It has docs out already but you can’t get an access key yet)


The data for #2 is not provided by RobotEvents; thus it is impossible for third-party software to access it. (At least, without hooking into DWAB’s own webserver, which you’re not supposed to do.)

VexDB does not track IQ data, so #3 is not possible if VexDB is the sole data source, as the project’s implies.


Yes, I am planning to migrate to robot events API after the keys get released!

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  1. Just better stats and ui, I am mainly focusing on a better layout for both iOS and Android at the moment, as Vexdb’s Android Support is really behind iOS. They layout of the app should also be better than vex via (hopefully).
    2.When the data supports it
    3.not at the moment

Hope this helps, and if you want any new features, and into programming, you can help build it! :smiley:


Is there any actual reason you’re not supposed to do this besides like “they said don’t?”

I know it’s a huge pain to parse because its just a phat sql query but I’m aware of at least one unofficial program that does this

If DWAB starts seeing an unusual amount of traffic to their servers, I fully expect that they will start obfuscating and/or encrypting the data, so any third-party software relying on data from DWAB’s servers will just break.

Also, if it becomes a sufficiently large problem, RECF might end up formally telling you to stop.


… what is dwab?..



I missed this somehow, any chance you could link me to some more info or the docs?


Here is the place for robotevents api:

Im still playing around with it right now, and I’ll probably switch to it in the future, but the app is sticking with VEXDB for now


I have been working on something like this for a few months now, but it is closed source. I made a simple setup using the vexdb api, but I will move to robot events asap.

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I doubt the stress from a 3rd party app would be much worse than what Vex via does

Also if they dont want people hooking into the dwab than maybe the official api should give more data.

As for what dwab is,

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Implement scouting??:eyes:

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I have no plans myself to implement scouting at the moment, but if you want it, you can build it!

Our internal app has scouting, read more about it here :smiley:

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You’re missing the point.

DWAB has clearly indicated that they do not want people hooking into their servers. It doesn’t matter how much stress results from a 3rd-party app; they can change the way VEX Via retrieves data and consequently break all 3rd-party apps relying on their servers whenever they want.

DWAB is also completely separate from the team that maintains RobotEvents. If you seek a usable official API, direct your concerns to RECF — DWAB has nothing to do with it.


Yes everyone - I am not using DWAB’s stuff. Lol



The public version of Concurrent will not be further supported. This is because a friend and I are releasing an app called Elapse, which is a VEX scheduler but targeted towards the public. A vexforum post on that will be coming out soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that even though concurrent will not have a public app, Concurrent will still function. The Concurrent project is now targeted to teams wanting to make internal apps for them selves, as they can Fork the project and add their own custom functionality. This includes things like machine scouting.

I hope you all will continue to support the Concurrent project.

TL; DR: Concurrents Public version will be replaced with Elapse. Forking the project and contributing to Concurrent on GitHub will continue to be fully supported. Concurrent is now targeted to teams wanting to make their own apps, as a base platform.