concussed V5 battery?

We had a robot fall off a table top and the left most light on the battery was blinking red. We reset it and it with a paper clip in the small hole on the battery and it brought it back to life. It seemed to get a concussion?? for lack of a better term. Any body know why the battery does this?

fast blinking red usually indicates an error, either really low or high battery voltage. There is no need to reset the battery if this happens, in fact, for any battery that has been updated to the October firmware it’s best to avoid ever reseting the battery.

It was most likely low voltage, that could have been checked by pressing the battery level button. If it was low then just place the battery on charge.

@jpearman I have a battery that shows up as 50% charged (two green lights) when pressed, then quickly changes to a leftmost red blinking light? So not low/high voltage, don’t know what the problem is. Already contacted vex and we are getting a replacement, so i’m not worried about that, but i was curious what the problem could be?

Grab the latest V5 firmware update utility from here (V1.0.7)

and then try running the battery diagnostics as described here

Wait their is 1.0.7 because I couldn’t find it.

Note that this is version 1.0.7 of the V5 Firmware Update Utility.

Also, V5 Battery help documents have been updated on Friday (12/7/18) on

This is an area which VEX can really help by making announcements to these utilities and major documents.

@DRow - please?

We had a battery acting weird today, and I just happened to stumble upon the battery troubleshooting guides. Clicking the reset button was eventually the fix, but they were nice to know what the light code meant.