Condition of trade in hardware

Maybe no one will admit to theirs, but I’m wondering what the condition of the trade in hardware needs to be? My joysticks are really rough and I have 1 cortex that seems to reboot frequently and another that loses vexnet more than normal. I’m guessing these are solder joint failures, as my experience tells me that problems often happen where the device meets the 300lb gorilla.

Will these work ok for trade in? Has anyone had their items rejected?


I asked Vex support about this before I sent in my trade-ins and I ended up sending back partially functioning cortexes, controllers, and vex net keys. No issues. The person I talked to said they were being broken down and recycled.

This makes sense. I’m sure Vex doesn’t care about actually using the equipment; they just want the parts. So, no. You shouldn’t have any difficulty.