Conducting a course using Vex Platform

I would like to conduct paid courses for students in my community using Vex platforms. How do i go about doing that? would the educator certification be enough?

Is this question pertaining to knowledge of the material to teach, or to some sort of credentials?

My answer to the general question, assuming your serious, would be to check out

They develop curriculum and offer courses in teaching with VEX kits.

VEX also produces lab assignments you can look at

Of the top of my head there are half a dozen hurdles you would have to concur, some of which you might already have solutions for.

  • Where do you hold the classes?
  • How do you get students for your classes?
  • How do you get parts to start teaching the class? Computers?
  • What material do you teach?
  • How do you get parents willing to trust you with their kids?

For example you might be a teacher currently so the last question hopefully solves itself. Each of them needs a solution we can talk about.


Thanks for the quick reply. I have pondered over those questions and have done my market research. My question is pertaining to whether or not i am allowed to use vex platforms to teach a paid course. Do you charge any commission for doing so?

Yes, @tabor473 charges a 5000% commission! :joy: (j/k)

Vex is just a provider of robot stuff - if you purchased it you can use it how you would like, just like if you purchased a 3d printer you could teach a paid class on how to use a 3d printer. I have seen several businesses that advertise using Vex as a learning tool for a paid class they teach (do a search for “Vex summer camp” to get some ideas on what’s out there).


hahaha I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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