Cone/Base Claw v1

Since we moved on from this idea today to a better design, I figured I would share a couple of photos of a claw we came up with. The idea was to be able to pick up cones and bases with the same claw. It works well, but has some flaws we addressed in the new version. I haven’t seen any other designs like this yet, maybe for good reason. Let me know if you have any questions.
ITZ Claw V1.jpg
ITZ Claw v1 Cone.jpg
ITZ Claw v1 Base.jpg

why did you make the prongs so long? Is there a reason behind grabbing so low on the cone?

It was mostly so we could grab the mobile base, but we only had 3" and 6" standoffs, and I didn’t want to use a ton of couplers. One of the many flaws it had. The new version fits over the Base much better without as much wasted space.

It looks like a great idea, but it seems kind of unstable. Would it be able to grab the mobile goals anyway? It looks like the standoffs would just give way and drop it. Great job though.

It worked pretty well for lifting bases and cones, but we had trouble with the standoff hinges at the top twisting. We made them a little too complicated, which is fixed on v2. The screw in collar at the end of the standoffs did a great job catching the lip on the mobile goals. The twisting opener worked well, but we moved on from that too since I feared it might wear into the standoffs too much.

Ok that’s good news!

Interesting way to pick up both the mobile goals and the cones, to be sure. I’m impressed.

I still don’t think the premise makes sense, though. I think it will be necessary to stack cones on a carried mobile goal.

Seems like a very nice concept! But… It seems like you can only lift it with one cone max probably.
Any ideas how you’ll compromise in the future?

The premise was to lift a mobile goal into the robot, and carry it around and load cones onto it. We have a couple of ideas to unload a mobile goal with stacked cones on it into the 20 point zone (or any other zone on the field) without losing the stacked cones. We have been working on a wide DR4B that can fit around the cones we have stacked on the goal inside the robot.

So when the motor spins. The round gussets push the standoff to the side. Releasing the cone, goal?

Correct. We used 45 degree gussets at first, but those were a little rough. The goal was to use one motor to open/close the claw since we can’t sacrifice another motor to use pneumatics. The rotational force on the standoffs caused them to misalign sometimes. We came up with a different design that still uses one motor but opens and closes much better without the twisting.

Buy more couplers. Buy more couplers. Buy more couplers. Important things are worth mentioning three times. They are not expensive. It prevents issues in between sister teams (we used to hide our own couplers) and frees up design.

You can probably replace those gussets with a nicely cut polycarbonate part.

We bought 3 3-foot long 8/32 threaded rods that we cut with a Drexel down to the size of couplers about .75" a piece. Math done out, it’s ~144 couplers, and each rod was $1.49 at Home Depot. Very cost effective this way.

That seems like a good idea. I was thinking of just buying more 6" couplers, but I could make them much cheapers that way. Most of our long standoffs and couplers came around from our scoop idea for starstruck. I don’t think it will be as bad this year if our crane game claw is the main use of standoffs.