Cone Discussion

Hi everyone,

So I received two cones today in my welcome kit so I thought I would open up the discussion on the game pieces in general. If you have not had the chance to play with one and want to test a theory let me know though I only have the cones.

My first impressions is that they are pretty sturdy, there really is not much flex anywhere, they do not really have any noticeable weak points. When the cones fall on their sides they do seem to always fall on a flat edge. It is not that easy to knock them over when you push from close to the ground, you pretty much have to hit the tip of the cone with the hole to have any chance of knocking it over (at lest in my test).

Nice, thanks for the early information. Im sure this will help a lot of planning.

Is it easy to make the cone back up right from the tipped position?

When you drop a cone from ~3-4ft does it drift? If possible could you post a drop video?

If you hit the larger (diameter) end at the tip while it is tipped it is easier than pulling it back from the tip. I do not see either of these being viable in match play though, you would have to be precise.

It stays straight until it hits the ground and then bounces away to a side and sometimes tips, I can post a video tomorrow if you would like

Please post a vid if possible

Alright, expect it tomorrow afternoon PST at the latest

ok thanks
whats the channel?

What material is the mobile goal made of?

OP said they only had the cones…

You mentioned that the cones fall on the flat edge when you knock them over. If I am interpreting that correctly, the cones don’t roll when they get tipped? If the cone is already tipped though, how hard is it to roll the cone?

Cone base cracked on a 3’ drop test - oops.

Onto hard ground or onto a field tile?

When you have a cone you will understand better but basically the base has 4 flat edges on the side, and when the cone is tipped it always ends up on one of those

Bounce on tile on table then 30" drop to floor. Hit base edge. I expect more falls like this in a myriad of interesting ways.

Pretty sure my students will give me grief about it.

Is there anyway to find out the dimensions, i haven’t seen it posted.

Hey would you be able to post a close-up picture so we can understand the texture of the cone better?

I dont think pictures will do any better than the field specifications page.

Here is the short video, obviously there is no field tile, because we didnt have any around today but it acts the same in my experience to what happens in the video