Cone Intake Ideas

Anyone got some ideas on intake for the new game?

Here are some of my ideas:
Starstruck Style intake w/ small claw: Too inefficient
NBN Style intake w/ wheels, chains, etc: Efficient, but getting the cones onto the goal is a problem
Tank Tread Intake with Standoffs for Gripping: Efficient, but raising is undecided
Wheel Intake: Raising problems

Most of these Ideas are centered around intaking multiple cones, which is illegal.
Really all you need for picking up cones is either a simple claw, or an intake that comes down on top of the cones around them (something I would lean more towards).

Something like Daniell was saying, a vertical claw type design

Oh. I just realized that. LOL my bad. I never really read the rule book.

Just sometimes important :wink: .

How would you right tipped cones?

There is a spot on the top you could put a hook into and lift.

Have a part attached to the lift that comes down on the larger part of the cone and flips it up into a standard position.

Well the game is going to be a lot more slow-paced and methodical now because we can’t pick up massive loads. D:

Nbn intake and flywheel it

I was thinking of building a claw that can grab, flip backwards, and rotate on the axis. Any ideas on how to do this with only two motors?

@815J How about a 118-style catapult so that there’s less spin?

@structural bEaring use an overcenter for flipping (I’m assuming this is to fit in starting config) and then you only need the 2 actuations. Getting the motors to work without tying themselves up is still going to be tricky, unless you put a servo on the axial rotation

@TheGee_ On the contrary, I believe it’s going to be fast-paced because you would need less torque to pick up each cone, meaning that people can focus on the arm’s speed instead of having a lot of power to pick up. Not sure about the pace for the mobile goals tho. They’re heavy even without the cones on top of them.