Config file?

Hello, I would like to know if IQ Blocks has a config file I can use. I work for a school. We have students login in into their accounts to save their projects in a shared drive. I want to use the config file so that when they click on the “Open” button in the File tab, it is prompted to the drive instead of the local drive.

Thank you.

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Try just saving a project to the shared drive. I think it will show up in “Recents”, and perhaps will also affect default open and save location. Will check tomorrow.
Later edit: I saved a file to a folder on my Google Drive (shows up in file lists on my Mac at home) and it is accessible from Windows 7 laptops at school, and even my Android phone, fwiw. Then VEXcode remembers that folder location next time I select “Open”, and also that saved file in “Recents”.

Shared drive must be mounted, of course…
Does this work for what you want?

As mentioned above, it’s a stored setting with the application. I’ll add a task to our backlog to see if we can dig up more technical details on where this setting is stored so it could be preset.


This exactly doesn’t work necessarily for what I want, it only works to some extent. But I will wait to future updates and see if it can be done. Thank you.