Config Shaft Encoder

I am a fairly new Vex user. Our team has a cortex microcontroller (model 8322A) and two quadrature optical shaft encoders (model 276-2156). This shaft encoder has two sets of wires. This microcontroller does not have an Interrupt Bank. Open the attached pictures for reference.

We are having trouble finding documentation that MATCHES these two items (controller with encoder). The docs for this encoder show a need to plug one set of wires in to the Interrupt Bank. However, our microcontroller does not have an Interrupt Bank.

Do any of you know how to configure this particular shaft encoder to work with this model of microcontroller?

Thanks for any help you can give this vex rookie.

Use the digital input ports. The documentation you’re looking at was written before the VEX Cortex unit came out.

Ya I have been helping him here

Typical usage

Take a look at the cortex video trainer,