Configuration mismatch error


When I attempt to compile and download programs from RobotC, I repeatedly get the error message that the motor configurations in RobotC and on the robot do not match up. I know for a fact that they should match up, because I do the port assignments manually (via the #pragma statement). I have the latest firmware on RobotC (VEX_IQ_1004.bin) and on the robot components (via firmware updater 1.07). I am suspecting that the brain may be defective, but is there any test I can perform to verify the integrity of the brain?

Thank you.






This was an issue that occurred in the previous versions of ROBOTC for VEX 4.0 Beta and Preview builds, and has since been resolved with the latest version (4.05). Please make sure to update to the latest version via the ‘Help -> Check for Updates’ option in ROBOTC or by manually downloading and installing the latest version (

Please let me know if you run into any other issues.

John Watson