Configure 2 motors to move simultaneously in Vexcode IQ blocks

In Vexcode IQ blocks, can I configure the driver control so that the left and right motors go up and down at the same time?

Not enough information given, but assuming you’re using 2 motors on same liftarm, one should probably be reversed. Use two blocks, one for each motor, first one click the end of the block and have it say “and don’t wait”.

Any more help needed than that, show us your code so far, and be more specific about your bot’s build and what you want to do and problems you are having. Also you probably can answer most questions by thinking of the right words to search the forum.



Can you post what you have so far? If you use events for your lift it’s pretty easy.

Okay, so the arms will lift but not enough to lift the cube, and then the code stalls. Ideas?

Show code. Pic of bot, too, showing arm mechanism, motors, gears…

And good video helps too.

When motors hit a certain torque they stall out. Depending on the angle and length of the arm it may be too much to lift the cube. Changing the gear ratio or adding rubber bands may help.

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