Configure the 2 Joysticks in VexCode IQ block

Using the VexCode IQ block, we can configure the right joystick to drive and steer the drive train.
However, we can’t seem to be able to configure the left joystick to control another motor. Is there a way to configure it that way?

Also when a motor is configured on BtnRUp for example, is the motor driven 100% when the BtnRUp is pressed?

Similarly when the joystick is pushed up all the way, does it drive the motor to max speed?


For your first question, I don’t believe this is possible using the configuration tool, you’d just need to add some simple code blocks to do this.

I suspect the motor speed is governed by whatever your code blocks restrict it to. I’m not sure what the default is though but if play with the code blocks for motor (set the max torque to 100% then play with the max velocity to see if it goes faster at 100%)

Did you manage to work out the code for the left joystick to control another motor? I am currently trying to work this out as we are just in the process of changing from Modkit to VEXcode.

So far we have played with the ports on the brain to find a configuration that works (I think Left motor on 7, right motor on 12, arm on 4)

For coding we plan to try something like this:

this is based on the arcade example…


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