Conflicting Rules for Tipping Point Skills Scoring

Skills Appendix (B):

Team’s score at the end of a Robot Skills Match is calculated by combining the scores that would have been awarded to the red and blue Alliances.

For example: a blue Alliance Mobile Goal that ends the Match in the red Alliance Home Zone, and any Rings which are Scored on it, are not worth any points.

But, the Game Manual, says, in Scoring Notes 5a:

Rings which are Scored on / in an Alliance Mobile Goal are worth points for that color Alliance, regardless of where the Alliance Mobile Goal ends the Match.

Because the same scoring rules apply, for skills and normal matches, I would think the rings scored on the blue alliance mobile goal in the example should count, because they would count for the blue alliance in a normal match.

Am I missing something, or is this an error?

Please see this thread: