Confused about Skills competitions

How do the Programming and Robot skills competitions work?

I thought it was online only, but then I noticed our upcoming competition offers it. Does this mean they will have kiosks? Or is it a physical based competition too?

I am completely confused.

Robot and programming skills is the second biggest part of a competition. In robot skills you get a minute to score as many points as possible, and in programming you have a minute to score as many as you can autonomously. The top 30 in the world in both robot and programming skills recieve a worlds invite. Skills is also one of the major factors in the excellence award.

When you say online, are you referring to the REC online challenges?

Yes I saw the Robot/Programming skills competitions as part of RVW on

I think I understand now. It’s a physical based competition, but like the main game, their is a virtual version as well.

Is there a set number of attempts, or is it just as many times as you are able?

Is the objective of each competition the same as the main game?

Most competitions limit you to 3 attempts for driver skills and 3 for programming, although some competitions may be different. The objective is the same, scoring balls in the net, except color doesn’t matter which changes the strategy.

I would suggest reading appendix B and C