Confused abt flywheels

hi, my question is what exactly are flywheels, I’ve done a google search but it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, from what I’ve seen in the picture it reminds me of that old hot wheel toy set with the spinning rubber wheels that launched the car. If anyone could explain to me how flywheels work/ and or why teams might want to use them, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Wheel spin really fast, thing get sucked into wheel, thing go zoom.


ah so i was overthinking about it, thank you Xenon


You might want to take a look at NBN or TP seasons and get some ideas.

There are many threads regarding flywheels during that 2 seasons.


Helping your case, given that they are discs it might help to do a one wheel horizontal flywheel so it gets some kinda spin and flys somewhat stable

This is what I was thinking but have it enter from the side and get forced through a curve that sends it straight.

Kind of like this.


that’s fairly close to what my teams doing yea, good design idea!

this has a page on flywheels, it should help

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