Confusion of rule sg6


I am confused over the wording of rule sg6. Is is the rule for reference:

Rings on the Alliance Mobile Goal are “safe”. Strategies intended to remove Rings which are Scored on or in an opposing Alliance Mobile Goal are prohibited. Examples of “intentional strategies” could include, but are not limited to:
• Robot mechanisms or actions solely intended to “lift off” Rings from Mobile Goal Branches.
• Robot mechanisms or actions solely intended to “scoop out” Rings from Mobile Goal Bases.
• “Knocking over” or otherwise forcefully manipulating an Alliance Mobile Goal such that Rings
become removed.

The rule states that you can’t remove rings from the alliance goal, however it doesn’t mention that you can’t just move the goal to descore all the rings. I feel like that would fall under g3 (the common sense rule), but the rule is vague. Would teams on the blue alliance be allowed to remove the red alliance’s mobile goal out of the red home zone and vise versa?

Thanks in advance.


You would be allowed to do this, but as stated in the game video, the rings on an alliance goal will be scored no matter where it is on the field at the end of the match.


As mentioned above, that rule is specifically only for physically removing Rings from Alliance Mobile Goals.


I believe it is legal to be in possession of an opposing mobile goal. I believe you can, in fact, possess as many mobile goals as you want regardless if it is your alliance’s or not. But you are not allowed to hoard more than one of any mobile goal on the field on any of the two corners on your alliance’s side.
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Simply put, chances are yes that what you said is legal such that you move the opposing mobile goal out of their zone to cause the rings not to be counted on the scoreboard.

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