Confusion with flex wheels

So sense in VRC we can now use flex wheels. Are there some that are restricted from us to use. And how are we supposed to used the 3 and 4 inch ones if you have to use the versa hub thing. Does it then use the adapters for our shafts?

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You have two choices of wheel sizes, each size comes in three flex/sticky factors. You use the vexhex adaptor to go from the hex opening to the square shafts.

So I read it as the 1.6" and two inch wheels are legal.

the page was updated to include 3" and 4" wheels today. I think it was just an oversight when making the page.


So there must be adaptive inserts to ge them to the square shafts

for the smaller flex wheels you can use the hex to square shaft adaptor. for the bigger ones you need a hub that fits on the wheels (presumably to prevent the wheels from skipping around the hub because of their flexy-ness) and then you need the adaptors to get to the vex shafts. Seems like a lot of waste but it’s probably cheaper to do it this way than it would be to have to manufacture 2 different sets of wheels for the different shaft types.


Ok thank you. That’s what I thought but I just wanted to make sure.

I’d actually doubt that it is an oversight, judging on how everything including product, photo and number of products have been changed. It also added 5" wheels saying that it is “coming soon”, so larger sized compliant wheels might have became legal as well.

Time for more op intakes


Which hardness is best for picking up the balls?


this is a… very loaded question

short answer: experiment

long answer: experiment some more


I think 20a-40a (depending on how far apart your intakes are) if ur using deploying intakes because if they aren’t soft enough, they will just do the same things as regular wheels and push the intakes apart. Maybe that would be better but idk cuz it kind of defeats the purpose of having compliant wheels if you are relying on the springiness of your intakes.

where does it say that the flex wheels are legal for VRC? I cant find it anywhere

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drow pog

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I mean, I kind of dont want to buy every kind of compliant wheel lol


there are ways to make your own; you can experiment with different softnesses and see what works

Could you post a link to the vexhex adaptor. I’m looking into the “Straight Flex Wheel (3” OD x 1" WD, 1-1/8" ID, 30A)" but can’t find the proper adaptor to switch it into the square vrc shafts.

They are on the same page, just scroll down a little bit.


20A is not an option lol

Ya i misheard the flex wheel video and didn’t check again so I said 20A.


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