Congrats to all those who are graduating/have graduated this year, especially to my friends on 127, Desert Vista (including @JustinM), and Microchip and to @Cody who after starting in VEX so many years ago and playing diverse roles in the community and organization has now gotten his bachelors degree!

Feel free to add any teams or team members who you’d like to give a shout-out to. While graduating high school might not be a big deal for robotics nerds ;), it is a significant step in growing up and marks the end of one era and the beginning of a new one in your life, and I think that’s worth recognizing

Now go start VEXU teams :smiley:

:slight_smile: @Tylennis also from Desert Vista, this year will be very fun for AZ VEXU…

Most of 8926, Combined IQ, graduated this year, as well as virtually all powerhouse teams in SC. It’ll be sad to see them go

@Highwayman You stole my pun in the title. :wink:

Guilty :slight_smile:

From ACP:
@Carl, @OverlyOptimisticProgramer, and quite a few other Robotics students are graduating too. I look forward to seeing their VEXU presences (for those that will be doing VEXU) as well as those of the others mentioned in this thread.

I’ve lost my head builder and self proclaimed “muscle of the team” to the monster that is college, just this evening, in fact. On the bright side, he’s sworn to come to every competition I’m at, referee, and get me DQed.

You will just get yourself DQed anyway. :wink:

Thanks for the shout out dude. Sad to leave you guys but we will be reffing comps

Where are you and Joel going to school?

I’ve actually managed to avoid a DQ for the three years I’ve been in VEX. Then again, he actually knows my nefarious schemes to sidestep/bend the rules… :wink:

EDIT: Actually…

I have been DQ’ed before. Finals 2 of the first competition I ever won, in Nothing but Net. 2nd pick (we were the captains) was a pushbot that frequently went under the bar. When the scores came back, we had won by one point, and thus, driving under the bar was a match affecting offense.

Ah, I forgot you mentioned you were graduating. That’s sad; I enjoyed talking to you at Worlds.

A good 2/3s of 5150 is graduating this year (about 20 people), and we have many people going to UCONN, WPI, and WESTCONN, as well as one each going to MIT and Yale. It isn’t that surprising though considering that our club/team accepts very few sophomores and freshmen. At least we plan on starting VEXU teams at UCONN and maybe Yale, as well as maybe having an entire WPI robot. We’ve just got to see what happens.
Anyways, congratulations to everyone graduating!

Why don’t you accept more underclassmen? In my view, age doesn’t matter that much in VEX; experience does. If you had more underclassmen, they would be more experienced by senior year.

You can’t reap what you don’t sow. There’s a half dozen students at ACP that’ll have 5 years of vex experience in a couple of years; picture your senior that has been doing robotics his entire high school career, with another year of learning, add 5 more just as skilled, and get In a bomb shelter

For the most part, we accept few underclassmen since our advisor doesn’t find them mature enough. Also, we have had enough people for 6 teams with few underclassmen for the last few years, so accepting more would put a strain on resources.

I think partly because of this our team 8381B will be the best team in SC next year. We’ve always been up there but were always edged out by 8926 or MaxBot. This year weve got a couple more members than our previous 3 and I think that will help a lot.

Only Time Will Tell :wink: Which is your first competition?

I started in skyrise three other memebers started in nbn and the last two memebers just joined this year.

Ahh. All of my team started in NbN (including my brother who graduated this year). Probably the more pertinent question: at what competition(s) will you be competing at?