Congrats Georgia Teams - State

Today Georgia held their state competition. Many teams did great. Congratulations to all 19 teams that qualified for World 2016!

Finals consisted of a lot of defense and failure in subsystems (sadly on our alliance.)

We will post video if anything is posted for the eliminations; their live stream this year messed up so I don’t think they currently have any of the eliminations posted.

Once again, congratulations to everyone, cya at World!

I would love to see the video if it is posted on youtube eventually since the livestreams were messed up. Good luck to all the GA teams and rep our state well at worlds!

You did great! Can’t wait till worlds

If anyone has videos of the finals or elimination matches I would love to see them! This year at state there was a lot of strategy which made the difference in almost every match. Teams had to play in the field first otherwise all the balls would be gone in 30 seconds. Also, there was a lot of blocking of teams in the field which proved that defense was a game changer this competition. Scores may not be in the 300s as they are in other regions but the level of strategy was incredible in many of the matches and lifting was a nice bonus for us after all that defense :slight_smile:

Again congrats to GA teams going to worlds and can’t wait to see how we all do!
If anyone has match videos I would love for you to post them on YouTube so people can see the competition this year since livestream went down

Get your team to name their robot after you next season as well. It’s the most awesome feeling in the world. :smiley:

I’ll have the semifinals and finals matches uploaded soon!

Thanks, very excited to see them!

Below I will be posting Finals Match 2.
675E & 675B vs 3921B & 383v

Georgia states Vex Middle School competition is on Saturday.
Anyone coming?

I wish I could be there, but I have to take the SAT. Maybe some other high school teams will be there, good luck! Make sure you guys record your matches/the elimination rounds because I’m sure teams will be interested to see what Georgia has produced for the Middle School Division for World!

How did 19 teams get a world bid from one competition? I would think seven at the very most (three tourn champs, design, excellence, skills).

Different regions qualify a different number of teams, see:

Georgia sends: Tournament Champions x3, Tournament Finalists x3, Tournament SemiFinalists x6, Excellence Award Winner, Design Award Winner, Programming Skills Champion, Robot Skills Champion. The rest go to skills. Any spots teams that double qualify will have their extra spots passed down to skills.

Red missed 5 cross fields at an incredible firing rate, while blue missed 0 cross fields. Incredible.

Dang you beat me to it