Congrats To AZ Teams

Congrats to all of the teams that made it to worlds thru the Arizona State Vex Tournament today!

Although I didn’t qualify (I will reveal my robot in the next week) those who did, did a great job.

The teams that qualified in the HS division were Tournament Champions 127A Lemon Bots (@Aponthis),4146V Sabercat Robotics, 6323C Tyrannosaurus Vex
Tournament Finalists 2114Z Da Vinci, 5090A Team Radioactive, 6058 Prescott High School
Excellence Award 8800 Phoenix Lights
Design Award 2114Z Da Vinci
Programming Skills 6030J Jesters
Team to be named later due to double qualification.

Overall the tournament went great and I hope you all do great at world’s!

Thanks! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders, and I have some changes in mind for Worlds.

By the way, can you upload some match video with us in it?

Congrats @Aponthis . Thanks for the lemon.

Congrats @Aponthis! Also,@ThunderRobotics, that was a great match. It could have gone either way. Looking forward to a rematch at the AIA comp.

Thank you! You were a great alliance partner. I’m interested to see how AIA plays out.

We’ll be optimizing our robot to make a good showing for Arizona at worlds. I’m hoping at least one AZ team manages to make it to the round robin this year. It would be fun to cheer on one of our own!

It’s official - the Atomic Fireballs will be joining all of you to represent AZ at Vex Worlds this year!

As the team coach, I am so glad we decided to give Vex a go - the team had a lot of fun competing against you guys. They learned so much this year - thanks to all of you for offering tips, advice, and support!

Congratulations! It was so much fun having you guys on our alliance!

Also, congratulations to all the other teams that qualified for worlds!

I didn’t even know you were on the forum haha :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess I don’t post much.

Every Arizona team came out of the woodwork, lol.