Congrats to @Highwayman on his acceptance to Georgia Tech's PhD program!

My friend, @Highwayman (not sure if he wants people saying his real name), was recently accepted to Georgia Tech’s PhD in Robotics program. He’s been an outstanding community contributor as a member of Team 127 and ALBA and helped me a lot when I was starting in high school. He made the Open Source In The Zone Robot (OSIZR) which impacted design heavily at the beginning of last season. Moreover, he continues to referee Arizona tournaments.

He won’t brag here so I will do it for him. Congrats on all your hard work continuing to pay off, @Highwayman ! I look forward to seeing you become a robot doctor.


Congrats @Highwayman, very well deserved! :smiley:

Congratulations, @Highwayman!

I remember that when I first started posting on the forum, you were one of the posters I trusted the most (@Aponthis was, too).

That October, when my team’s coach and I were talking to a public high school team in my county who was just starting out, I recommended OSIZR to them. They weren’t able to register that year, but if they ever did look up OSIZR, I’m sure it helped them.


Hope to still see you around in worlds!

Said nameless person has been a big help on the forum.

GT PhD is super competitive. I was denied from there a year ago. Congrats

Vex - > robotics PhD
Is totally the best career path.


Aww thanks everyone, this is super nice!

Haha, said nameless person is Jacob Knaup by the way.


Thank goodness, I thought I was going to accidentally slip a “Congrats, Jacob!” in there.