Congrats to James Pearman 2015 Mentor of the Year!

Starting a thread to show support and admiration for the newest inductee into the** STEM Hall of Fame, 2015 Mentor of the Year - Mr James Pearman**!

If you’ve gotten code or further understanding from the forums, it was probably touched directly or indirectly by the knowledge and explanations of jpearman.

He unravels the mysteries of Vex parts, code, and electronics for not just his team but for the entire community. James has an oscilloscope and is not afraid to use it.

Kudos! Well deserved!

Items disseminated to our Vexmen teams pretty much directly from James’ posts:

  • Slew rate code to limit PTC trips, use the scope pics of current spikes
  • PID loops coded from his examples
  • motor torque/speed curves
  • Understanding PWM signals and the H bridge. Having the kids wait 20ms to update the motors since it does not make sense to do it faster
  • Smart motor library for current and temperature management
  • I2C debug routines
  • linear mapping of motor speeds to joysticks
  • proper task management

Keep up the great work!

(can an admin please correct the title? I misspelled his name. Doh!)


Congrats Mr James Pearman on getting the award!! Thanks for all the support and also hope you can stay around for many more years to come!!

Congratulations James, definitely well deserved!

Thank you for all of the help and information you have provided.

Congrats simply is not saying enough! I wish I had teachers as effective and willing as James Pearman.

James, thanks for all the help that you have provided here on the forums. We all appreciate it. Congratulations on the award! It was well deserved!

Congratulations! You help out every team on the forums with your detailed knowledge of Vex!

Yes, thank you for all the help you have provided the vex community with!!

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Your time has come at last! I’ve really enjoyed our technical collaborations and hope you continue your super mentoring for many years. As others have mentioned, you’ve done a lot to raise the technical IQ of the Vex community and me:).

See you soon I hope.

Personally me and Vex Raptors were surprised that Mr. Pearman hadn’t already won the award. No one deserved it more. I even had the pleasure of running into James at the airport on the way back and chatting with him for half an hour.

Thank you for everything you have done for the community over the years Jpearman.

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I had the pleasure of taking a picture with Mr. Pearman at the Arts division and I spoke briefly with him. He’s an enormous help to everyone at the forums and I was elated that he got such a well-deserved award.

My whole team got a picture with him! Our elevator lift was based on his “triple lift” thread. He has also answered several questions of ours regarding programming on these forums. Without James’ guidance I don’t know if we would have made it to Worlds.

It’s so cool that someone 1500 miles away that we had never met was so willing to help.

Thanks for everything Mr. Pearman!

So he’s never won it before? Heck, I figured he’d just won it again, since I’m sure he deserved it again. I know my own team owes much to the man, some dude I’ve still not managed to meet and thank in person. One of my few regrets at Worlds this year is that my kids and I couldn’t thank him in person for providing so many detailed insights into all things Vex. I think about half of their computer code is stuff they cut and pasted off of his gazillion posts.

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Congrats to James, this feels long overdue. Honestly, I had always just assumed that he had already won this award, so this is definitely deserving.

I am so pleased to hear this as well. I have been watching / hoping for this for sometime as it is evident that Jame’s put much energy, Quality and care into supporting this robotics platform.

Cheers Kb

Congratulations! Myself a mentor, I have learned an incredible amount from James Pearman in a short period of time. I am amazed that this is his first Mentor of the Year Award. Well deserved, and apparently, overdue!

I spent hours looking for Mr. Pearman around his IQ bot area at worlds but unforunately did not catch an opportunity to talk to him.

Thank you Mr. Pearman. We can fairly say that every kid who got inspired by VEX was helped by Mr. Pearman more or less. Well deserved honor and we appreciate what you do.

He was in the HS arts division basically the whole time. He was volunteering…field tech or something?

Oh man I think I saw him I think I saw him!!! But I thought he was at vex IQ because he had the bot so I thought I was mistaking… uhhh… anyway, next year, for sure.

A big thank you to the legendary jpearman from the AURA team as well! He’s always doing things that we wish we were doing too, and is an inspiration for all mentors everywhere. Not just helping your own team, but helping the community come to grips with how everything works. Importantly, his contributions have helped bring VEX out of a predominantly mechanical competition to one that requires a solid understanding of the electrical components and digital systems too. Thank you jpearman!

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For all the others who haven’t met Jpearman here is a photo I just found on the RECF page of him receiving the award. The rumors are true, he does exist.

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