Congrats to Steve & Foster

Congratulations to Steve Rhodes and Foster Schucker on winning Mentor(s) of the the Year at VWC. You guys deserve it for all the great work you do. Keep it up.

Yes, absolutely great job guys!

This absolutely made our weekend. Since the beginning Steve and Foster have always been there supporting our efforts, holding workshops, and scrimmages. They gave us the time and the tools to get creative with our designs. I still remember the early days, building on the floors of RadCorp and discussing game strategy and design. Whenever they send out emails for events, we are always the first to volunteer because we enjoy working with them so much. They are the most driven, most dedicated, and some of the most inspiring mentors we have ever seen. KTOR would not exist without them, and we are eternally grateful. Congratulations Steve and Foster.

I couldn’t possibly have said it any better. These two have been a perpetual inspiration to me since 2006, turning ideas and plans that most people call completely insane into reality. Starting with just a few kids in a small office, Steve and Foster now coordinate, run and host several major events in PA, sponsor what must be close to a dozen teams through their organization, and have helped a huge number more. I know I can at least attribute my continued VEX work to them, and I’m sure there are many others that can say the same. Congratulations Steve and Foster, but even more so, thank you for being the one of the greatest inspirational forces I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Congrats & great work!

A well deserved award!

At worlds Steve was running around like a mad man helping anyone who needed it. He assisted a middle school team from Mexico which was in last place because their robot was damaged. After Steve’s assistance the robot ran for the first time in a match and the kids came back to tell him that was the most fun they had all weekend.

Foster couldn’t make it but was taking kids who also couldn’t come to the Penn State Abington’s robotic event. One member of our team who really wanted to be at worlds was able to win the design award at that event!

Already building their case for next year!