Congratulations to Todd Ablett, Vancouver VEX Teacher

Many of you know Todd Ablett as the teacher who heads up the 20 VRC teams at Gladstone Secondary in Vancouver (teams 2A-2Z, 721 and others), and who organized and hosted the Gladstone Open VRC tournament for two years. You may also know him as an active and visible volunteer at VRC Worlds. These are but a few of Todd’s accomplishments as a teacher.

Today it was announced that Todd has received the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Canada’s top recognition for high school teachers.

Todd received his award this afternoon, met with the Prime Minister yesterday, and will be engaged in a number of other official functions in Ottawa this week.

Todd’s involvement in VEX and the success it has brought for his students and his school formed the basis of his nomination.

Congratulations, Mr. Ablett, from all of us!


Go Mr. Ablett!

Wow, this is amazing news! For those of you who don’t know, Todd is one of the biggest VEX supporters worldwide. This past year at the VEX World Championships, Todd was one of the announcers in the Math division.

Congratulations to a very deserving winner of a very prestigious award!

Hmm… I shouldn’t quote myself, I guess, but I forgot to add that the positive impact that Todd has had on VEX competitions across the province, through hosting workshops and supporting teachers new to VEX was also a big part of his nomination.

In the process of helping build a great program across BC, he just happens to have built an outstanding one at Gladstone.


Click here to see Todd’s nomination form. Thanks to everyone who was involved… “We done good!”

Woot woot!

Mr. Ablett has been a cornerstone of VEX competitions in the region since 2006-2007. The first robotics team I helped mentor (VRC 3632) competed in Bellevue, Washington, against one of his first Gladstone teams playing “Hangin’ Around” – and lost – starting a long, frustrating tradition of losing to teams that he mentors! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, and remember that Mr. Ablett is Awesome!

Having played and competed against his Gladstone teams various times, I have to say I’m honestly very impressed with them. Now knowing that Mr. Ablett started it all, I too offer my congratulations to him for his wonderful work. :slight_smile:

What a good read! GO MR. ABLETT!