Connected Row Scoring Question

Hi ya’ll
Will the connected row bonus points be awarded at the end of the autonomous period? Or is it only going to be determined at the end of the match?
Our team couldn’t figure this out from the rules and Q&A.

the connected row points aren’t really a bonus, like the highest stack in itz was. so if you have a connected row, you have 6 points.

so to answer your question, you don’t get a permanent 6 bonus points when you have a row at the end of auton, but the row points will contribute to calculating who has won autonomous.


I thought there was a auton win point tho if you connect your home row


There is. You get 1 WP for the tournament and a temporary six points for completing the row that will help you win auton.

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Not quite - those are two separate bonuses awarded in different circumstances:

  • The “Autonomous Win Point”: 1 WP for connecting your home row during the autonomous period
  • The “Autonomous Bonus”: 6 points and 6 AP for having a higher score than your opponent at the end of the autonomous period (or 3 points and 3 AP if the score is tied at the end of autonomous)

These two bonuses are totally independent. If you do not complete your home row during auton, but still have a higher score than your opponents at the end of the autonomous period, then you’ll receive the 6 pt/6 AP bonus but not the extra WP. If you complete your home row but your opponent has a higher score at the end of auton, then you’ll get the extra WP but not the 6 pts/6 AP.


Yes. I understand that. I was talking about the 6 points that you get while you have a row of owned goals.

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like I said before, that isn’t a bonus that is awarded to you permanently at the end of auton, you can gain or lose the 6 points any time during the match.

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I understand that.

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He was talking about the six points you obtain during the autonomous that are scored at the end of auton. He wasn’t trying to suggest that you get an extra six points (for the end of match score)

this suggested to me that @GEARS_323V_Ryan thought you were awarded 6 points at the end of auton for completing the row.

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Okay. I changed it. Is that more clear?

Thanks! This answers my question.