Connecticut Qualification

Are the only competitions where one can qualify for worlds as a team from Connecticut the Masuk, Manchester, and State Championship competitions?

It seems like the New England Regional event does not have CT listed in it whereas we were permitted to compete there last year. Is this correct?

It appears that there are 4 events that will qualify teams to the CT State Championship:

November 16; South Windsor Toss Up - South Windsor, CT.

December 7; Masuk Toss Up - Monroe, CT.

January 11; Manchester Toss Up - Manchester, CT.

January 18; Mansfield Toss Up - Storrs, CT.

This is all an educated guess. Your best bet is to reach out to your RECF representative to find out how the State Championship system was applied to your state.

This thread will also answer a lot of questions pertaining to how the State Championship model works. I suggest reading it.


Your rep is Brad Lauer, here is his email address:

Source: I am an event partner who runs the PA State Championship.](

Thank you! I have contacted Mr Lauer and will post his response here afterward for others to see.