Connecticut / Southern New England Regional ELO Leaderboard

Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on a leaderboard which ranks the teams in CT as well as Massachusetts & Rhode Island according to , which was originally designed by @Genghis.Khan .

The CT Leaderboard features:
-All teams which play in CT often (to my knowledge) ranked by ELO
-A tier list, determined by ELO, to help identify teams with similar strengths.
-Form, determined by change in ELO since the latest update
-Change in position, so one can see if their team’s position has gone up or down
-Color coding of all of the above features!

The SNE Leaderboard features:
-All teams within CT, MA, & RI (that I am aware of)
-A tier list, determined by ELO, to help identify teams with similar strengths.
-Top 10 skills scores in the region
-Top 18&24 robots, as there are 18 qualification spots and 24 elimination round spots

The CT leaderboard is up to date as of 2-5, while the SNE one was updated last on 1-20. Both will be updated after Saturday’s UNH competition to serve as a resource for regionals.

It can be found at . Please tell me what you think and if I forgot a team.

Very interesting. How else are these teams being ranked beside how strong you think they will be at each level? As well as that’s about only half of the Massachusetts teams. Almost all of Massachusetts strongest competitors are missing from the list.

The main method of tanking is by the ELO which the website provides. I might use other methods if any are recommended or thought of.

Would it be possible for you to send me the numbers of some MA robots I missed or the tournaments they were in? Being from CT, I know very few of them.

I’ve traveled and watched every competition in Massachusetts and Connecticut this season and can say the numbers are very different from the actual performances. Thus our 2 states have very different competing styles and mentalities. For starters all of the 2442 teams swept a Framingham tournament. 6916c swept qcc December scrimmage. 9605a won your last Connecticut tournament. 8025b in a November scrimmage. Several teams from 9421. Most are much better then there numbers through their ELO And the only accurate way of “ranking” should be by watching them and seeing who works best with who and not just generated

The goal of the leader bord is to just give a general idea - not to completely replace scouting. There is simply not enough play between all robots to make ELO the end all and be all. However, I believe it helps serve the purpose I made it for - to give a general idea on who is good or bad to have a general idea on what a match should end like.

Could the number of competitions that each team attended be affecting the rankings? Most of the high ranking Connecticut teams have been at every Connecticut competition this year while it looks like most of the teams you listed have not been to as many events. It may be that the Connecticut teams are more capable of demonstrating consistency over multiple events due to this. It also seems like the results of the QCC competition never made it to VexDB which could cause some inconsistencies with ranking.

Yes several events from Massachusetts never made it to VexDB. As well as most teams don’t attend a lot of events here. They usually only compete until they qualify

Well the teams that go to a lot of events are usually better anyway, so that’s not a 100% solid case. That being said, to have a high ELO, you definitely need to get a lot of play in.

Hey everybody, glad to see someone’s using something I created. I do want to warn you however, that the site currently updates manually (i have to run a command myself to make it work). I’m working on automatic updating, but Heroku requires a credit card to schedule tasks… If you require a manual update, feel free to message me or something until I figure something out.

What I’m wondering (not being biased or anything) is how 9605A isn’t at the top of the CT list, nonetheless even on it. We were just #2 seed (fluke autonomous) and won it pretty confidently. If the CT list is up to date to today, why are we not on it?

I believe the CT list is made up of teams based in Connecticut and teams that attended multiple events in Connecticut.

Yup, down cellar will only be on the regional one since they have only been to one CT competition

9605A seems to be at around 1800 in the global rankings, which is pretty respectable.

Some teams on the leaderboard are middle school teams (8878A, 8878B, 8878C, 8878D).
It seems like this leaderboard is meant for HS teams.

Ah, thanks. I didn’t realize it was for multiple tournament appearances.

Just wondering, with the UNH competition postponed to next weekend, will you be updating the SNE leaderboard after the MA competition today or waiting until after the UNH competition?

It will be updated after the UNH competition since this is meant to give a general idea about which teams are strong or not. Not including the UNH competition would result in the leaderboard not taking into account the closest competition to regionals, which I expect to give us a taste of what to expect there.

They are on only the CT list since they often participate in HS tournaments, and have done fairly well.

Being from Connecticut, I think most of the Connecticut teams are pretty accurate for their Southern New England Championship standings and have no idea about the Massachusetts teams. I believe that the 8878 teams are only on this because they have attended almost all of the high school events. These competitions are on vex db so you can just use the 8878 teams as a comparison or just ignore them in general. Well done on the charts.

Sorry I completely skipped over your statement @Grystrion