Connecting axles

For my ball intake the axels aren’t long enough, is there any way I can connect two axels together?

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axle couplers, how big is your intake that you need two axles for it?

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it’s like just barely inside the size constraints, but I really have no time to get axle couplers, is there a better way?

A better way? No. But you could build something. You could take the 12 tooth high strength pinion insert as use that as a coupler, then put shaft collars on both sides and use a metal bar to connect the two.

my robot has a roller thats about 16" long. we use short axles to connect to the side, and use long, coupled standoffs to connect the two pieces. we use the largest sprockets to attach rubber bands. When i can get a photo of my robot, ill attach a photo to this thread so you can check my roller out

This is something I put together before. I would expect you could get ride of the axle coupler in the middle and replace it with any of a few things. You could cut away all but the inner part of a high-strength sprocket or similar that doesn’t take the inserts or use a metal pinion @Got a Screw Loose mentioned. You might also be able to use two of the locking connections shown, just on opposite sides.

For connecting axels, maybe a toe loop or a Salchow?


Eh i think using a lutz would be better

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