Connecting code to robot

Ok, so I’m wondering… How do I take the code that I write and put it into my robot. What do I connect to what, etc. How do I connect my controller? I’m a new captain who experienced in the engineering but weak on the coding (luckily we have some of the best coders but they arent home right now :sob:)

Vex has a great knowledge base located here:

You will fine information on the various ways to connect the V5 brain to a computer here:

More information is available for the VEXcode Pro application:


What coding platform are you using?

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I would take a micro usb and connect it to the controller which is connected to the brain with a wire or radio


PROS or VEXCode is what I am using

How do I get code from my laptop into the brain

Thank you, are there any specific things I need with a Mac like a dongol or something?

Are you using PROS or VEXCode?

That depends on what platform you are using. PROS and VEXCode are not the same thing.

Or are you using VEXCode Pro? None of the above are the same thing and all (probably) use different ways to

That is why nobody has explained. If you don’t know what you’re using, send a screenshot of your whole screen and someone can help.

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so basically i have been trying to use pros but i have encountered some issues so i am considering switching to VEXCode. I’ll send screenshots of my issues.

Can you please tell me what I’d do with Pros, and what I’d do with VEXCode?

For some reason, I just could not install one thing and it did not work at all, and i tried for months and it didnt work, so I gave it to my friend and he did something, but now its like this and im not sure what to do now :skull:

You can do everything you need to do, including odometry, pure pursuit, PID, all the good stuff you hear about using either one. The only true advantage of PROS is that you have access to okapilib and another library that makes coding easier.

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