Connecting Drive Motors

Is it recommended to connect all the drive motors together (for example in motor ports 6, 7, 8, 9) in cortex microcontroller?

Do you mean using Y-Cables or physically connecting them with gears/chains?

I think he means connecting them all on one breaker.

We deliberately spread each system’s motors across as many breakers as possible. With a battery expander and two breakers in the cortex, we plug two drive motors into each to spread the load because you won’t always be operating all 3 systems at once. In any given situation you’ll probably be using your lift and your drive, just your drive, your drive and your intake, or just your intake. Using that knowledge we spread the motors out so that you don’t usually have to run more than 2-3 motors on a breaker at one time.

We like to ensure they are spread across the two circuit breakers in the cortex. This actually has made a difference for our teams too.

Split the motors across ports 1-5 and 6-10 based upon function and load. Put left lift on one side, right lift on the other. Put left back wheel on one side, right back on the other. If four wheel drive, swap the left right so if you do trip a circuit, you can do more than circles.

Adding a power expander makes you split across three sets of trippable circuits.

you can … what i do is have my drive on the power expander, lift on 6-9 and intake on 1/10