Connecting High Strength Cain to Elevator Lifts

What are the best strategies for connecting an elevator lift stage to the high strength chain? We’ve tried several methods like connecting the chain directly to the stage with a simple screw and nut. We’ve also tried using a short stand-off to keep the chain from bending out, keeping it more straight.

We’re looking for advice on reducing the chance of the chain snapping apart and also trying to make sure the chain can travel the max distance up and down.

Thanks in advance!

Typically I replace a couple of chain links with tank tread then screw it to your device. I’ve seen others use a direct screw, but it’s important that you also put a spacer or washer to spread out the pressure of that connection. Just as a precaution, you also need at least a couple of inches of overlap between your stages. Because of this, you typically dont need to worry about traveling the “max” distance up and down

Also keep in mind that small details will add up to further increase the resilience of your design. For example, lubricant, rubber bands, and straight slides all help reduce strain on the chain

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When my team was building our elevator lift this season, we ran into the same issue that you are describing. Whenever we ran our chain, the screw that we ran through to hold it in place kept on causing the chain to snap. What we have currently that seems to be working, while it may be very unorthodox, is a zip tie that is rated for large amounts of weight. Using the zip tie allows the chain have the freedom to move as needed as well as hold the lift up securely. However, I would recommend trying many other methods such as the tank tread connection before resorting to zip ties. It is always the best idea to exhaust your better options before saying screw it and throwing a zip tie on it! :smiley:

Specifically, this type of tank tread. Note that the holes are lined up for easy spacing.:smiley:

Not sure what you mean by “attach”. Are you building a continuous or cascade lift? If you’d like, we can post an image of our solution.

Our team just used a simple 1" screw and thin spacer with a keps nut. It wasn’t the most secure connection, but if we tightened it well enough it held up even with one loop of chain.

When we were experimenting earlier in the season with elevator lifts we used dual chains on our first stage and single chains on stages 2-5. We also used zipties and screws to fasten them, both work in our system.

Thanks for everyone’s response, Draco’s suggestion on using the ‘tank tread’ with the two holes was perfect. It kept the chain aligned correctly and dramatically reduced the chain from snapping apart.

We’d previously tried screws, washers, etc but had a lot of issues with the chain snapping apart. Thanks to everyone, really appreciate the responses.

Hi, do you mind still putting up that image of your team’s solution to attaching the chain to the stages if you have it?