Connecting MacOS Modkit for VEX application to Smart Radio


I was hoping to get more information on how to connect the mac OS modkit for VEX desktop application to the robot brain via the smart radio. Is is the wireless program upload feature only supported through the iPad app, perhaps?

Quick check list:

  1. VexOS firmware is up to date on the brain, as verified through VexOSUtility
  2. Modkit Link program is running, as verified by it existing in MacOS taskbar
  3. The “Radio Data” setting is turned on via the robot brain, as verified by seeing the bluetooth connection icon on the brain itself
  4. Bluetooth for my macbook is turned on, but I do not see any robot-related devices broadcasting a signal to connect to

Uploading programs via the USB cable does work.

I’m running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

Please help, as resources to program wirelessly appears very scare.