connecting problem of v4

Installing the software and connecting the hardware with usb-to-use cable to computer, it still cannot download programs. There are nothing in the options box to select.


this is device manager


The hardware wouldn’t show like [com and a number]
How can I deal with this problem?
Thank you.


Yes, please use the VEXnet Upgrade Utility to establish communication between PC & Microcotroller (screenshot attach).

Also can you elaborate on your PC specifications?
Windows 7 or 8? 32-bit or 64-bit?

Doc1.pdf (166 KB)

I am using windows7 and 64-bit.

It sounds like the drivers for the programming cable are not installed. Try reinstalling the drivers from the easyC start menu drivers folder.

If the problem persists please contact our support department at 800-221-2763
easyc drivers.JPG