Connecting the Brain through the IQ 2cnd Gen Controller using On-Line Software

When using the local version of Vex Code Blocks the Brain connects wirelessly through the controller. Both Brain and Controller icons turn green.
When using the on-line version of Vex Code Blocks the Controller connects to the the computer but the Brain will not connect wirelessly through the Controller even though the two have been paired.
Any assistance, advice would be appreiciated.

I don’t think that download via controller is supported in the online version, @jpalnick would know for sure,


That is correct. We do not currently support wireless connections to the brain through the controller when using the web version of VEXcode IQ, and EXP/V5 as well. This is something that we want to support in the future, but as of right now, there is no timeline for when that will happen.


Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.
It would be helpful if the documentation in the Vex IQ tutorials mentioned that the download via controller feature only works with the local app.