Connecting the V5 Brain to a Pc via Bluetooth

We want to be able to be able to download programs from our pc to the v5 brain via bluetooth. Can we do this and how?


I don’t believe this is possible right now

However, you can connect V5 controller to your pc via USB and upload the program using wireless connection between V5 brain and controller.


One of the programmers on my team is very interested in wireless programming too. He wrote a program last year that allowed him to make changes to his auton program through the controller, and save the changes on a SD card. This year he is using a Raspberry Pi connected to the robot so that he can send programs from his computer wirelessly. Here is a link to his GitHub in case you are interested in checking out how exactly he is doing it GitHub - vexcat/strelizia: 8301E's code for the Tower Takeover season


this was made awhile ago has there been any updates on it

V5 only supports BLE from iPad and Android.

This is a very old topic, please start a new one to discuss further.