Connection errors?

So we updated RobotC and when downloading the code it asked me to name the robot or it wont work, unsure if I did it correctly, and when paired everything checks green on the controller but the cortexs VEXNET and GAME light flash red and the ROBOT light isn’t on. also nothing works when you press buttons or joysticks. Are these problems related in anyway? either way? Please?

Please don’t be a grammar Nazi if anything is spelled incorrectly, simply try to help with the problem and not my mispelling when my vision makes it so i CAN makes mistakes easily. Thank You

Have you upgraded the master firmware and the firmware on the Vexnet keys? There has been an on-going bit of confusion caused by the recent updates in the white keys, etc. Have a look at the following post and see if it looks similar to your problem:

Also maybe look at this: