Connection problems with setup wizard

Everytime we connect our robot brain to the computer, a setup wizard pops up.When we set it up and go to the online window we are unable to use it to test our motors.Any suggetions/answers? Thanks! :smiley:

You’re trying to control a Cortex from your PC?

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that’s possible. AFAIK, you need to put Driver or Autonomous code on the Cortex and have it run that.

Doesn’t your Cortex have the default code on it, though? You should be able to control some ports with an attached Joystick.

I’m assuming you’re using EasyC. After going through the driver installation (the setup window I think you are talking about), you can open the Online Window in EasyC. I think you’ve gotten this far. The next thing you need to do is click download master code (I think that is what the button text is), it’s towards the top of the online window. You’ll have to download it, make sure you have a battery plugged into the microcontroller and turn on the microcontroller. Now, you should be able to move the sliders for each motor to make each one turn on.