connectors for the V5 system

We are using the new V5 system and have discovered an issue. the wires when connected to the motor and sometimes the cortex don’t stay contacted. Since it is the 4 wire telephone jack what do we do to correct the issue? The 4wire jack seems to wobble in the cortex and occasionally the motors. We are using vex wires and connectors. we have even made wires using the V5 products ordered from VEX and they still will jiggle loose. So purchased cables do this and the ones we make also. Any suggestions?

See this thread:

Consider switching to known-good connectors.

We have the same issues, You can not use anything but V5 wires and connectors, So don’t bother trying outside cables. We were called on that at a competition when the wires did not have V5 printed on them so even if you order from VEX (which we had) be sure to cut the wire so a V5 logo is imprinted on it. The only partial solution we found was a small piece of masking tape under the tab on the connector. That’s not perfect but might help.

You can use non-Vex connectors but not non-Vex cables.

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