Cons of Four Bar

What are cons of using a four bar as your mobile goal lift?

Not really that many, but it does take more space than a chainbar. Also a normal 4 bar has a lesser range of motion than a chainbar but this isn’t an issue for a mogo lift.

How does a four bar take up less space than a chain bar? In a chain bar the c-channels have to do 180 degrees turn for the mobile goal to rest on the chassis. In a four bar the mobile goal will rest on the chassis when the four bar’s c-channels are straight or angled a bit down.

Here is an example:

In this video, the mobile goal is at the very end of the chassis.

A 4-bar takes more space. And by space, I was referring to space on the chassis, because you need 4 mounting points usually. A CB requires only 2 mounting points.

4 bars take up more length, while chain bars are inherently wider and less stable. That is why like every team I have seen uses a 4 bar with their internal stacker.