Hello, we have a 25:1 gear ratio firing from a 60 degree angle with 4" wheels as flywheels. However, it is very inconsistent and only makes 1/5 shots into the high goal from the starting tile. Can anyone help us with the consistency issues? Also, how would we be able to calculate the correct angle/gear ratio to shoot from the starting tile with most efficiency/consistency?

Thank You.

Pictures of your robot would be quite helpful. Then we might be able to diagnose more easily what is affecting your consistency.

Thank you for helping us. Here is a picture of the robot:

Line the flaps of your intake up. If the ball is pushed into one flywheel before the other it can severely affect accuracy

also I would suggest lowing your angle, this is the part of the season where you have to make some hard decisions, if you want to make shots from right in front of the net you need that 60 degree angle, but if you want to prioritize full court shooting you should lower that angle

Thank you, but our problem isn’t on the left/right axis of the shot. The ball lands in a straight line every time, it just undershoots the net or over shoots the net.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it may be that you are compressing the balls too much. It looks like the distance between the flywheels is maybe that 5 hole flat sheet? I think the long/short variance is also usually an indicator of too much compression. My team is having similar issues and are going to try reducing the compression.

If your overshooting and undershooting maybe you need some kind of PID loop to control flywheel velocity.

thank you

Make sure that the balls are going into the flywheel at the same place and that your battery is always pretty charged.

Take a brief pause in between each shot. When a shot is made, it exerts a force on the wheels, causing the motors to slow down. They need to take the time to speed back up again so that you get the same power of shot.

On this note. i’d recommend some sort of velocity control loop they speed up the respeed time a lot

Since it is a two-wheeled launcher, both wheels will never have the same amount of rotations unless you use a PID loop or shaft encoders. The shaft encoders compare speeds between two different shafts; therefore they will both have the same amount of RPM’s .