Consistent Turns In Auton

Hey guys, so we have qualified for worlds and really want to step up the consistency of our autonomous and programming skills. So far we have been using a gyro on a PD loop for some effect, however we were wondering if encoders were a better option for turning because of them being V5 sensors and finely tuned, thanks for the input!

Personally, i have been using the encoder turns on a simple p-loop and it has been working very consistently. I’m not too sure about the gyro, but you can make consistent turns using a PD Loop and motor encoders for sure as I and probably many other teams have done so. Also, gyros can be thrown off by vibrations which may also make them a little more inconsistent. Not to say gyros are bad, but i believe using encoders will simply give you the consistency and accuracy you are looking for without any problems that may arise when using gyros.