Contact with lower flag at end of auton

If it is the end of the autonomous period and a robot is making contact with a lower flag, and the flag has been toggled for that robot’s team, does it still count?


Okay well I need to change some autons then.

And read the rules. :slight_smile:

Hey I have read the “rules” just not that specific rule. I probably read it and just ignored it

When reading rules, never assume you can’t do something unless stated explicitly

Okay I get it, I was wrong, stop roasting me

This is kind of borderline on “roasting.” It’s an attempt at dry humor. It’s actually kind of funny. But if someone deletes a post, it generally means that they are withdrawing themselves from that standpoint and don’t wish to discuss it further. Granted, there needs to be some leeway for text-based communication and its inaccuracies. Just a general rule of thumb for me. :slight_smile: <- this always helps to clarify intent, as posted in the first “roast.”

Let’s not derail the thread, though.

I was kidding when I said stop roasting me. Obviously calling me out was warranted. Anyway, the question was answered by the second reply, I don’t think there is any debate left.

Yes, yes. I figured. But what happens when someone isn’t joking?

Anyway, you’re right. I’m done.