Contact zones for slapshot

Can you like attach a motor to an arm and have it “drive the arm” to your desired area? I was thinking about it but i’m not sure if it’s allowed.

as long as your staying in the contact zone and not touching any pucks you should be fine

What rules in the game manual make you think it might not be allowed?

Remember, the game manual tells you what you must do and what you are prohibited from doing. It cannot tell you what you might do, it never discusses game strategy or specifies particular mechanisms.


There’s no such thing as an “endgame” in IQ.

Actually, I don’t know what made you think any of this. Could you please cite your rules?

I misheard in the reveal video “end of the match” as endgame.

Okay, can you cite rules that say

  1. You have to stay in the contact zone.
  2. You can’t touch any pucks.
  3. You can even be in the contact zone.

You have to stay in the contact zone for it to be counted according to rule which answers your question 1 and 3. And If your touching any pucks your most likely not in the contact zone since you have to shoot under the gray bar and the contact zone has barriers.

I was looking for specific rule numbers, not your interpretation of the rules.

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Getting back to the original question, are you asking if you could put a motor driving a wheel on your arm and “driving the arm” to the contact zone?

As @kmmohn and @242EProgrammer have gotten at, read the detailed rules. If it’s not specifically disallowed, then it’s implicitly allowed.

Now, putting a (heavy) motor and wheel on the end of an arm is doable, but how you’re going to store that, release it, etc, is going to make for some interesting/tricky engineering (especially when constrained to Vex legal parts, like 600mm cables…). There are definitely simpler methods of getting to the contact zones.

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Consult <G13> <G14> & <G15>

I was looking for them not because I was unsure of the answer, but because @InEdHelp was misinformed, and would presumably be able to correct his errors if he read the rules he’s thinking of, namely:

Horizontal expansion is limited during a Match. Robots may only expand horizontally beyond
the 11” x 19” starting dimension limit if they are contacting the Expansion Zone.

(Nothing about being “in” it, and it’s called the expansion zone, not the contact zone, which is very hard to get into.)

Discs that have crossed the Fence Line are “off limits”. Robots may not contact any Discs
which have fully crossed the Fence Line, regardless of whether the Robot is contacting an Expansion Zone or not.

(This is not about expanding; it’s a rule at all times. It is also dependent on pucks being across the fence line, so “not touching ANY pucks” is wrong.)

Technically, he’s right that if you stay in the expansion zone and don’t touch any pucks, you’ll be fine, but those are misrepresentations of the rules, and much more restrictive than the rules.