Contests at World Championship

Not that we will, but is it okay to have sweepstakes or contests at the World Championship? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Please review the FAQs posted on the World Championship registration page.

Q: Can teams bring items to sell from their booths during World Championship?
A: No. Teams may not sell items from their pit or on the grounds of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Teams may not sell items including contest tickets.

Iā€™m talking about having free sweepstakes. Maybe they would give feedback about our robot, or sign their team number on a sheet.

Just wondering if there is an answer to whether free contests are allowed or not.


You may give away items from your booth. For example, if your contest involves a WC attendee spinning a wheel and then receiving a prize, then you are good. You cannot charge someone to spin the wheel.

In order to prevent there from being any confusion, please feel free to email me privately with exactly what you plan to do so that I can give you a concrete answer.